AmiParty 19 Show Report

Date 19-Sep-2016 22:15:45
Topic: Events

Bill Winters from american The Guru Meditation published a report on AmiParty that took place in Poland recently. There is also a video report available. Enjoy!

About 3-4 years ago I was browsing some of the Amiga communities on G+ with our Guru Meditation account. I stumbled across a video of a bunch of Amiga guys throwing a great party – I mean a REALLY great party. I could tell from the video’s positive vibe that they were a bunch of cool, down to earth, fun, and passionate Amiga users. I thought to myself, wow, I want to go to a party like this! I started to do a little research and discovered that they are from Poland. This sparked my interest even more because my wife was born and raised in Poland and her family still lives there. I did a little more research and learned that the group that organized the party is the “Chełm Amiga Legion.” Chełm is a city on the far east of Poland and it is only one hour from Lublin, the city where my wife’s family is from. At this point I realized that there was actually a possibility that I could make it to one of their future parties. I commented on the video and got a positive and quick response from Tomasz “Jenot” Stafiński, one of the officers of the Chełm Amiga Legion, but Konrad “Kokos” Kostecki quickly jumped in and told me that Tomasz is really an Atari ST lover so I should be talking with him instead of Tomasz. I knew I found the right guys! [...]

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