A "Girls Band" for Ask Me Up XXL!

Date 7-Oct-2016 18:40:19
Topic: Software News

The Girls Band add-on is now available for Ask Me Up XXL, the quiz of general knowledge released for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and Windows computers. It includes 2 new avatars, Maria Bella and Acid Jaimie the girlfriend of Acid Jack!

The add-on is free for every buyer of Ask Me Up XXL. It requires at least the 2.4.3 (CD) release of Ask Me Up XXL. We of course recommend having the lastest update installed (namely 2.6.0).

The add-on can be downloaded from : here or there.

We sold all our copies of the CD version of Ask Me Up XXL. However, you can always buy it from our partners Alinea Computer and Amedia Computer. The digital version is of course still available from our website.

More details on the game webpage.

Ask Me Up, now you know!

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