Catacomb 3D coming to AmigaCD 32 and other 68k Amigas

Date 10-Oct-2016 19:53:00
Topic: Software News

We are glad to announce that Catacomb3D for CD32 is now GOLD and will be ready for ordering at in around 14days.

The price will be ~25€ and for subscribers and owner of Projekt Lila ~20€.

The game will be printed on CD (not just burned) and comes with a 12 page thick booklet which contains hints, infos on items and enemies, history and credits for all involved community members.

The games has been adapted to the CD32, among others it is controlled with a joypad and the CD32-specific chip Akiko is used for chanky-to-planar conversions.
The game features the original Music from the PC-Version as well as the converted ADLIB sounds. On top Szilárd Biró has adapted the saving function, so it uses the internal CD32 storage.

You can find a sneak peak on Epsilons Amiga blog:

More infos like a preview of the 12page booklet can be found on:

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