AmiKit for Android updated!

Date 10-Oct-2016 20:56:39
Topic: software Classic

Greetings, true believers! Today we are bringing an update to the ultra fast AmiKit app for Android. It makes your Amiga experience on phone or tablet even better!

The app is now faster thanks to improved JIT performance. A new transparent keyboard has been added too, together with numerous tweaks and improvements here and there. The sound works better in P96 modes now. Oh, and do you remember the audio delays in some games & demos? They are history :)


The update is delivered automatically to everyone who purchased the app via Google Play Store

Those who purchased it for 0 or more (thank you!) via our website, grab the new app from again, where you can also download a free desktop version for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as portable USB edition.


- Android 4.2+ device with ARM v7 or better CPU
- Amiga Operating System (v3.5 or 3.9 or XL or Amiga Forever)
- Amiga Kickstart ROM 3.1 file (also included with Amiga Forever or AF Essentials available on Google Play)
- Install instructions (a single page)


The application is based on uae4arm by TomB. Android port by Lyubomyr Lisen. AmiKit project is designed and maintained by Jan Zahurancik. Visual design, icons and other graphics by Kenneth E. Lester, Jr.


AmiKit is a free project, powered by enthusiasm, that turns your computer, tablet or phone into high-end Amiga Workbench! It includes more than 350 of the finest applications. More info at (HTML5 browser required).

You can also get in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter or Support Forum.


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