Preferences 1.53 released (AOS4)

Date 10-Oct-2016 20:01:13
Topic: software OS4

Preferences is a program that shows a window with grouped icons for launching the prefs-programs found in "SYS:Prefs/", among others. You may see the snapshot(s) for examples how it looks. Supports Tooltypes and a number of languages.

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- Groups the AOS4.1 default Prefs-programs into six main categories.
- Uses the same images as the current icons set.
- Supports localization.
- Supports Console prefs in AOS 4.1 FE.
- Supports MUI prefs.
- Supports Granite, AOS4 firewall.
- Possible to open the "Presets" WB drawer.
- Possible to open the "Prefs" WB drawer.
- Possible to open the "ENVARC:" WB drawer.
- Optional group for 3rd-party-program preferences.
- Amiga HELP key (Scroll-Lock) brings up the About window.
- Tooltypes.

1.53: (2016 Oct)
- Added Tooltype for setting the group title font to italic. To do this, use the Tooltype: TitleItalic = YES .
- Fixed the icon with some added alpha blending for smoother edges.
- Fixed typo in default path for Qt prefs in tooltype 3rdPartyPrefs9_path.
- Fixed missing translation for "3rd party preferences" string, thanks Marcin Skawinski for noticing.
- Implented Polish charset for ISO-8859-2.
- Missing translation for one item fixed in Polish translation, by Marcin Skawinski.
- Removed icon since RunPreferences is obsolete since version 1.52 (you don't need to run this file anymore).
- Fixed minor typo in the About window.

1.52: (2016 Oct)
- Bugfix, all '-' characters in Tooltypes removed. So 3rd-partyGroup becomes 3rdPartyGroup, 3rd-partyPrefs1_path becomes 3rdPartyPrefs1_path and so on.
- The file RunPreferences is obsolete now, you don't need to use it anymore. Please use the main file Preferences and its Tooltypes from now on.
- Polish charset implemented and Polish translation by Marcin Skawinski added.
- Implemented Tooltype for setting the group title font to bold. To do this, use the Tooltype: TitleBold = YES .

1.51: (2016 Sep)
- Fixed issue, error when started from WB, with a workaround RunPreferences file for starting Preferences from WB if it doesn't start directly. (Hope- fully this issue will get fixed in future.)
- The Tooltype 3rdPartyGroup now set to NO as default. You need to set this to YES and give filepaths to the corresponding Tooltypes 3rdPartyPrefs1_path etc to use the third-party group.
- Updated Norwegian translation, by Ben Cato Malkenes.
- Fixed missing field in the Italian translation. Spotted by Samir Hawamdeh, thanks.
- Added that the About-window closes with the shortcut 'O', spotted by Samir Hawamdeh.
- Fixed that the version cookie can be read correctly with VERSION.
- Added error message when a 3rdParty path is not found.
- Added the Info_dt datatype into the archive, the drawers Classes and Devs.
- Added the drawer an icon and snapshotted all icons.
- Added missing tooltypes to readme.

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