indieGO! goes oranges

Date 6-Nov-2016 16:53:58
Topic: hardware AROS

Right now there is a second batch pre-order run on kickstarter.

This time it is mainly about a new version based on Orange Pi lite and an floppy drive add-on for existing and future owners.

Patrons (AEROS, Amicloud or Patreon subscribers) get 10% off. Just use the 1$ pledge level and pledge "AMOUNT" for the reward of your choice + "shipping to your county" - 10%.

You can follow the "production" and packaging of the indieGO! on Facebook.
A live stream with tutorial and QA will be offered in the over next week.

Kickstarter campaign

What is the indieGO!
The indieGO! is promoted officially as gaming console but technically it is an ARM based media center pc.
It comes with indieGO! OS and includes licenses for Exagear desktop (a commercial i386 emulator for ARM similar to Rosetta used on early Intel Macs), AEROS, EmuLA, AmiCloud and Cloanto's Kickstart 3.x

The hardware features:
A front multi card reader (so the OS-card keeps untouched)
2 x USB on the front (in case of the ODROID XU4 version additionally one USB3 on the back side)
DVD-RW or optional BD-RW drive
Wifi, BT

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