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Date 20-Nov-2016 16:53:56
Topic: Software News

Hello all,
I've decided to release all my Hollywood libraries for free, I've built a documentation wiki where I will publish all the docs and links to download the library sources.

My libraries are not Hollywood plugins but includes so they are suitable for all possible target platforms.

Why I'm doing this?
There are many reason for this and here are the most important ones:
- During these years I've developed many libraries but without documentation. It is a pity that all this stuff is used only by me! Making my works public is an excuse for me to find a valid reason to write proper documentation.
- I wish to see Hollywood's user base become bigger and bigger because this language (and its developer) deserves it. Sharing my works I hope to help to reach this goal.
- What I will publish will be free but if you like what I'm doing you can make a donation or you can support me on Patreon, my goal is at least to gather some money to buy the next Hollywood updates.

At this time I've published 6 libraries
- ANSI : helper library to handle ANSI escape sequences
- Date and Time Library : many Date & Time related functions
- Easing : easing library to obtain smooth transitions between values
- GFX Library : graphics related functions and objects
- Helpers : general purpose helper library
- Tables Library : Lot of functions to manage, sort and process tables

I'm releasing stuff at 1 lib per 2 weeks rhythm, depending on how much docs I've to write.

Published & available for download : Hollywood libraries
Doc wiki : Published documentation Here you can also see all planned releases
If you like support me on Patreon

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