BOH update17 released

Date 26-Nov-2016 12:39:29
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BOH update17 released
Ferrazzano, Italy - November 21, 2016


After more than two months of hard work, BOH gets yet another free update!
More specifically, this update:
* adds 17 new missions (5 very easy, 8 easy, 4 average);
* improves 43 missions by means of new/revised hints, little changes to the layouts, and other changes;
* marks training missions with a dedicated icon;
* adds the remote control icon to the HUD;
* adds graphics interpolation to enemy sprites;
* improves some graphics and shooting sound effects;
* adds specific sound effects to the theme "C64";
* renames some missions and most themes;
* reworks the manuals entirely;
* reworks the soundtrack artwork entirely;
* allows to run the game on Windows 10 as a normal user (due to changes in the Windows files handling policy, it had become necessary to run the game as administrator);
* fixes the resetting of the timer due to the focus loss auto-pause when the game was already paused;
* applies various other changes/optimizations.

Moreover, BOH has a home on

IndieGameStand and AmiStore customers can download the updated version from the respective store (please note that it might take a while before the new version appears). All the other customers can download it from after getting their key from (where is the personal copy code).

The update is performed by installing the new version over the old one using the supplied installer.

About BOH

BOH is a dungeon crawler where you need to solve puzzles, collect items, open passages, avoid traps, kill the Evil Masters and the creatures they generate endlessly, and eventually come out of the mazes in one piece. Keep cool, avoid the enemies as much as possible, focus on the labyrinths, and eventually you'll make it to the end. BOH, thanks to its unique aspect and gameplay, is an immersive experience that makes you feel as if you were actually lost in those treacherous dungeons.
You can play any (unlocked) mission any time, and you can also decide how they look and sound by choosing freely one of the several themes available...not to mention that, if you're the creative type, you can even create your own missions and themes!
The game looks and feels unlike anything else thanks to the combination of a strong 8/16 bit spirit with a few newer techniques. The end result is a fascinatingly different video gaming experience.


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