Commodore Free issue 95 on-line

Date 29-Nov-2016 0:40:53
Topic: News

Available to download is the new version of Commodore Free, issue 95.

Commodore Free Magazine
Issue 95
Free-to-download magazine dedicated to Commodore computers.
Available as PDF, ePUB, MOBI, HTML, TXT, SEQ and D64 disk image.

* Editorial

* General News

* Amiga News

* Commodore 16/ plus4 News

* Commodore 64 News

* Vic 20 News

- Commodore S.I.D chip
- Interview with Andreas Beermann - Creator of FPGASID
- Growing Pains Part Siv - Where I Learned To Code In Style By Lenard R Roach
- DUBCRT Commodore 64 - Limited Cartridge (PAL only) HARDWARE REVIEW
- DUBCART - Interview with Tim Koch
- Growing Pains Part Sex - "The Program That Never Was" by Lenard R. Roach
- Space Chase on the PET - The 35 year old review

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