#Amiga-Mania launched

Date 16-Aug-2003 22:24:00
Topic: Internet News

A new #Amiga-Mania IRC world channel in GalaxyNet, Amiga-Mania homepage and a Special Amiga File Server.

I open a #Amiga-Mania world english channel in GalaxyNet and I like to see and join all Amigans around the world there, real Amiga users, programmers, musicians, 3D, graphics and icons designers, etc to helping another Amigans and release new Amiga projects in the IRC channel, in my new Amiga Online File Server and in Amiga-Mania Homepage.

I have my new Amiga-Mania File Server online to all Amiga-Mania channel users also, with all the new and the best Amiga software in to download.

Add this infos to AmIRC and save the prefs to HD:
Channel: #Amiga-Mania
Server: online.be.galaxynet.org
Port: 6667

More information in Amiga-Mania homepage:
HomePage: http://amigamania.topcities.com

I like to see all Amigans from all countrys of this world there in #Amiga-Mania world channel.

I wait for all there, thanks.

SysOP: Songonco / AmigaUFO
Raul Silva

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