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Date 27-Dec-2016 13:00:55
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New version of ShowFiles (sf) now released for AmigaOS 4.

ShowFiles (sf) is yet another DIR command (written in C). It displays a sorted
and text-formatted list of files, drawers (dirs) and soft/hard-links on disk or
other storage medium. It will also display their additional information such as
size, date, possible comment, executable header type (68k or PPC program),
protection-bits, etc, etc.

ShowFiles (sf) at OS4Depot


- Abbreviated as SF or just sf, fast and easy to type in the shell.
- Dirs/drawers are displayed in blue color (pen 3).
- Hard/Softlinks are displayed underscored (underlined).
- Shows where any Hard/Softlinks points to.
- Possible comments are displayed in italic.
- Displays the "primitive" file type of files.
- Fetches and identifies executable headers. 68k, PPC (ELF), EXE, among others.
- Displays the Amiga file protection bits of files.
- Shows free disk space and sizes in KiB (1024), kB (1000) and bytes.
- Options SIZE and TIME, for sorting by size and time/date.
- Option REVERSE, for reversing the output list.
- Options (FILES, DIRS & LINKS) for displaying only files, dirs or links. Or intermix them.
- Option 68K, for only listing m680x0 (68k) executables (AmigaOS 3.x).
- Option PPC, for only listing PowerPC (PPC) executables (ELF headers).
- Option ALL, for showing all files and dirs in directories and subdirs.
- Option to "trail" files with an initial character ('/', '*' or (at)-char).
- Possibility to specify a path to display.
- Option BARE, for listing without heading/summary information.
- Shows OwnerUID, OwnerGID, UseCount and ObjectID (as reported by DOS).
- Supports the ? switch, for showing the Template.
- Supports multiple formats of options/switches (f.ex: TIME --time -t /T).
- Supports automatic updates through AmiUpdate.
- Written (in C) and developed on Amiga, for Amiga and Amigans.


Version 0.990: (Dec 2016)
- New NOCOMMENTS option added, for omitting comments in output listings.
- New NAMES option added, for displaying only names in the output listing.
- New TRACE option added, allows files to be "traced" with an initial character. Dirs with an initial "/", executable with an "*", and links with an (at-char).
- TRAIL is now opposite to TRACE, allows files to be "trailed" with a final character.
- Fixed issue, (sometimes) the pointed link would appear not visable.
- Bugfix: -E now works for DATEFIRST as expected.
- Added one letter option -R to REALDATES ("promoted" from command to option).
- Fixed issue, DATEFIRST -E added to documentation.
- One new-line added to the MOST output.
- Added alternative way of installation to readme, thanks Severin.

Version 0.982: (Feb 2016)
- Fixed missing command (BARE) in the Template output and manual, it was in HELP and readme though.
- Fixed so the Template is alphabetically sorted.
- Fixed more contrast to the arrow (->) in links, color changed to black.
- Fixed missing REALDATES and DATEFIRST in features in readme.

Version 0.981: (Feb 2016)
- Fixed "sometimes missing footer" (appeared in the wrong color). Thanks Guillaume (zzd10h) for reporting.
- Fixed wrong colors in comments when black Shell. Thanks Guillaume (zzd10h) for reporting. (PS: Option for omitting comments already on TODO-list.)
- Fixed issue, "A block of text appeared in the wrong place in the readme".
- Fixed a few missing commands in the Template output in help and in manual.

ShowFiles (sf) at OS4Depot

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