zTools 2.8 available on AMIStore

Date 9-Jan-2017 23:18:37
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zTools 2.8, new free update, is now available on AMIStore.

This version contains some enhancements for SysMon, aTunes & WebReplay

Warning :
zTools MUI programs now use a new global variable to specify the dimension of their menu picture (default no scaled, 24 pixels).
Change menu picture size by command :
SETENV SAVE MenuImageSize "16" (16 was the previous zTools menu picture size)

Click READ MORE for details ===>

-SysMon 6.0

* Added AmigaOS 4 FE Update 1 support in System tab

* Added SortBench bench with a lots of results to compare.

Sortbench is a bench program written by Gunnar von Boehn and ported to OS4 by RenÚ 'rwo' Olsen

For AmigaOS 4 systems, results come from some kind OS4 testers.

For non AmigaOS 4 systems, results come from :
-results directory in Sortbench sources archive
-Apollo forum http://apollo-core.com/knowledge.php?b=2Če=2923&order=&x=2

* Updated : RageMem / SDLBench / SortBench benchmarks results updated with latest FE Update 1 and WinUAE 3.4.0 for

WinUAE i5-6300U SurfacePro4 2890 MHz
WinUAE i7-4770k 3500 MHz

* Fixed : IDETool display problem for unit 4 (Pseudaxos)

See below for SysMon screenshots

-aTunes 3.8

* Added : "Add date" column to keep the adding date.

All still present songs are tagged with "2017/01/01"
aTunes.db automatically updated to 3.8 level at startup

* Added : When sending a second playlist to TuneNet, always plays the first song (K-L)

* Fixed : Recompiled with libtag because cover_atunes crashed since OS4 FE Update 1

-WebReplay 3.3

* Fixed 2 A websites (see ReadMe for more informations)

SysMon SortBench tab

SortBench results available for compare :

Guillaume 'zzd10h'

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