AEROS for indieGO! is ready now

Date 14-Jan-2017 13:43:09
Topic: News

Today at 22:00 german time you can install AEROS on the indieGO! by running the online update function of the console.

What is new in AEROS for the indieGO! ?
1. It is the first time AROS hosted on ARM runs with a 32bit color depth and so hand in hand with the 3D accelerated drivers or the console.
2. It is based on the new AROS System files which are also used by IcaROS and have been back ported by Deadwood
3. It is smaller than former versions of AEROS, because it uses parts which were already present in indieGO!-OS -> so no waste of space by having packages twice in different partitions.

A video can be seen on Facebook

What is else new in indieGO! OS 1.7.0

I call it the Amiga weeks..
Besides FS-UAE, you will now also have the option to use the latest UAE4ARM version compiled on and for the XU4 with JIT, fullscreen and sound support. Normally UAE4ARM is heavily optimized for the Pi2/3 but now we have also a working version for the XU4.

Besides this preparations are made to allow the execution of IcAROS desktop utilizing the commercial i386 to ARM wrapper "exager desktop".
Performance wise it feels similar to my macbook pro late 2009 and running it in Virtualbox. This is possible because it used the wrapper only for the CPU translation and else it relies on native ARM API's.

There are much more updates like a new launcher menu done by Fabio and fixes to other system emulation but since they are not Amiga Related I would like to invite you to have an eye on :

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