AmiKit 9 Reloaded for Mac!

Date 29-Jan-2017 2:47:40
Topic: software Classic

We're proud to present AmiKit 9 Reloaded for Mac! Now it’s super fast and includes the “Rabbit Hole” which allows you to launch Mac apps from AmiKit desktop!

macOS Intel: Maps + iTunes / AmigaOS 68k: ZoneXplorer + AmiStart

macOS Intel: Safari + MPlayerX/ AmigaOS 68k: PicShow + Directory Opus Magellan II


The "Rabbit Hole" feature allows you to not only launch Mac apps from AmiKit desktop, but now you can also open Amiga files with your favourite Mac apps!
For example, double-click "AmiKit:Welcome to AmiKit" to see what we're talking about.

AmiKit 9 for Mac now uses the latest WinUAE emulator running on new Wine 2.0. This concept, paradoxly, is much faster and actually more stable than the previous E-UAE edition.


AmiKit is a power add-on for emulated AmigaOS3.x. It turns your host computer, phone or tablet into high-end Workbench.


For AmiKit to work you do need AmigaOS and ROM file. AmiKit 9 for Mac requires macOS 10.8 or better.

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