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Date 12-Feb-2017 18:13:15
Topic: hardware OS4

Hi all there ;)

First of all, even it's a little bit late, we present you all our best wishes for this new year 2017 !

After many months of work, Amedia Computer team has completely reworks his Webshop !

Effectively, the ancient site was too complicated for adding new products, search for it .....

With the arrival of the new best AmigaOne X5000 from A-Eon (Thanks to Matthew, Trevor and Hyperion for getting it a reality !), we wanted to give you a better site for ordering it !

As we're an assembler specialist, we can also propose any configuration alternatives : harddisk capacity, memory, sata cards .... :)

Motherboard only can also be ordered HERE ;)
N.B. : french VAT is automatically removed for people outside Europe and there is more choices for shipping !

We have also added the new Prisma Audio Card for Amiga classic !

2017 will be a great year for Amiga with upcoming Tabor A1222 motherboards too and some other projects to be completed like the Replay boards for example, and the Amiga32 show in Germany at the end of the year (where we'll be) ;)

Don't hesitate contacting us directly on our Facebook page ;)

Thanks to all of you for supporting our webshop and our shop (yes a real one, just take a look at our photo on Facebook) ;)

Laurent and Franck
Amedia Computer

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