AmiCloud - conditions changes

Date 25-Feb-2017 21:46:01
Topic: Announcement


This is just a short update about AmiCloud.

Since I have surpassed the small business men regulations in Germany in 2017 I need to do a monthly VAT information to the bureau of taxes every month.. (yay!)

What does this mean? Basically that 19% of the money now goes to the tax office : )

This means I will raise the price for AmiCloud next month by exactly 19%.

Subscription prices will stay the same. It affects just the "buy once and be happy with the basic storage size" purchases.

Whatever.. now the good news:
The default storage size raises to 5.5GB (+10%)
The Pro Accounts stay at 25GB
Each without traffic limitation for public links.

What is AmiCloud?
AmiCloud is a basic cloud service similar to Dropbox with the difference that there is no traffic limitation for public links.

A basic guide/information can be found here:
AmiCloud Guide PDF

It is made with Hollywood and so available for virtually every OS except Linux 64Bit. (only 32bit in the moment)

Also available here

The long awaited sub-folder support is done and we will roll it out soon.

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