Amigans invited to Museum Presevation Week

Date 19-Mar-2017 14:57:06
Topic: Events

(The Living Computer Museum in Seattle, Washington is inviting Amigans and Commodorians to its Preservation Week. If you are interested, read through the forwarded message and the contact information below.)

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From: Matisse Fletcher
Date: Wed, Mar 15, 2017 02:09 PM

On April 29th we are hosting a big showcase of "preservationists" for Museum Preservation Week. Similar to the [Pacific Commodore Expo] we're planning... later this year, this would be an opportunity for the Commodore clubs to bring their stuff to show off to museum archivists, collectors, and librarians for our in-house conference. We haven't quite figured out time of day (sometime between 10am and 5pm), but wanted to gauge interest. Thoughts?


Matisse Fletcher
Events Coordinator | Living Computers: Museum + Labs

( Contact Ms. Fletcher at

or call

206 342-2020 )

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