G2D Lib for Hollywood released

Date 27-Apr-2017 11:19:29
Topic: Software News

I've released G2D v1.8 Library for Hollywood.
G2D is an include file for Hollywood MAL, it is a 2d-oriented library that adds a lot of commands, objects and methods to handle 2d graphic areas but the best feature it has (at least in my opinion) it's a full featured skinning system that also allow multi-layered skinning.
This library has been heavily used with HGui to build gadgets and to make skinning possible.

The library is provided with all needed dependancies (all written in plain Hollywood) and some examples.

The library is FREE.

Here is a video showing some included examples:
YouTube link

Documentation Wiki
Download page
Hollywood forums thread (with a detailed list of all available objects & methods)
Patreon page for those people interested to support my work

I'm also working on another library (GLFX) for Hollywood that uses GLGalore plugin to gain the power of OpenGL, here is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMPc9Jiwh-c showing a demo I'm using to test things.
GLFX is not yet ready for a public release.

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