AmiWest 2017 - the 20th AmiWest show!

Date 1-May-2017 19:05:31
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AmiWest 2017 will be held in Sacramento, California, USA October 19-22, 2017. Here is the overall schedule for this year's show:

   6th AmigaOS DevCon starts on Thursday Oct 19, 2017 through Friday, October 20, 2017
    Classic Clinic starts at 5 PM on Friday Oct 20, 2017
    Show doors open at 10 AM on Saturday Oct 21, 2017
    Banquet starts at 7 PM on Saturday Oct 21, 2017
    Sunday starts at 10 AM on Sunday Oct 22, 2017
    Doors close at 4 PM Sunday Oct 22, 2017

Please see for more info. The official AmiWest blog is located at AmiWest 2017 blog. We hope to see all of you there to help celebrate our 20th consecutive show.

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