LSliders Lib for Hollywood released

Date 21-May-2017 11:48:38
Topic: News

I've released LSliders v1.0 Library for Hollywood.

LSliders is an include file with no dependancies that uses layers to implement horizontal and vertical sliders with custom graphics, it is particularly useful in games that use the Hollywood's Layers Engine.

Two weeks ago @Bugala requested me informations about some Hollywood libraries I'm working on, he was willing to support my work (thank you Bugala!) and he also asked for something able to handle sliders using layers for his own purposes.
He also asked me to share this work with all of you so that every one can benefit from it.

So LSlider library was born.

The example that generates the above screenshot is included in the package.
For a full description about usage and library internals please have a look at the thread on Hollywood Forums.

Documentation Wiki (full docs for this library is not yet available).
Download LSliders
Hollywood's Forum thread (with a detailed description)
Patreon page for people interested to support my work :)

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