Vampire or Not Vampire ;)

Date 4-Jun-2017 18:28:51
Topic: hardware Classic

Hi all there ;)

After some talks with Apollo Team, Amedia Computer is pleased to announce that Vampire 500 V2+ has been added on our Webshop !

With their agreement, we can take a limited number of pre-orders RIGHT NOW on these boards being produced ;)

For remind, it includes a 68080@80MHz FPGA processor, 128MB ram, one 2.5 FastIDE connector (up to 13MB/sec), one MicroSD slot (used for storage) and the SAGA TrueColor specific graphic's controller (with HDMi output) ;)

This is a HUGE improvement for the Amiga 500 and we can expect more and more features in the future with the great skills of the Apollo Team !

So, don't wait and pre-order your board right NOW HERE, it will be stock limited !

Also, we'll receive some new HC508 external accelerator board for Amiga 500 which includes a 68HC000@50MHz processor, 8MB ram, 512KB of flash rom (for loading a kickstart 3.1 for example) and a CF slot !

Thanks for your support !

Laurent and Franck
Amedia Computer
Sends package ANYWHERE in the WORLD ;)

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