zTools 2.9 available on AMIStore

Date 2-Jul-2017 23:22:21
Topic: software OS4

zTools 2.9, new little free update, is now available on AMIStore.

This version contains some enhancements for SysMon, aTunes, FlipPaper & WebReplay

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-SysMon 6.1

* Fixed : RAM and NGFS device type detection in Volumes tab

* Fixed : Removed APPLIBMT_Unique application message in list of available Application messages (trixie)

-aTunes & aTunes_Cover_AAmp 3.9

* Added : "Erase Tunenet" option in settings window to choose if current TuneNet playlist should be erased or not before to add new tunes (vulture)
Default, "OFF", playlist is not erased before adding new tunes

-FlipPaper 2.9

* Fixed : Bad settings file scan (Tarzin)

-WebReplay 3.4

* Fixed Arte website and make it compatible with wget

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