shut down in November 2017

Date 14-Aug-2017 0:10:36
Topic: Announcement

Hi.. everything has an end except the sausage which has two.

Don't worry.. the shop will just be included in: and and some others.

If you visit you will see on the top menu "ares-shop (alt)" and "ares-shop (neu)" .. neu = new but work in progress

For now it is german only but it will be translated during the transition time.

The old shop system has reached "end of life" status.

The new shop accepts payments via:
Brank transfer/ Bitcoin /Ethereum / Zcash
Credit Card

A registration is not required anymore.
Everyone with VIP status, will keep this. Just contact me before ordering something and you will get a voucher for the next order.

In the moment I am working on getting the payments running fluidly and I add 1-2 products a day at a reduced price. When the new shop is ready there will be also a "discount re-opening party" so save the date:
1st of November 2017"

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