Little stock of Vampire 500 soon :)

Date 22-Oct-2017 15:09:45
Topic: News

Hi all there ;)

For those who have been unable to get one Vampire 500 V2+ for Amiga 500, don't panic !

With agreement of Apollo-Team, we can take new 10 pre-orders until we get our new stock :)

We'll receive our stock in two parts : first in the following 8 days, the second in the following 20 / 25 days.

So, don't hesitate and order your product right now HERE ;)

There is also two options on our webshop for these boards :
- 2.5 IDE Kit with Workbench 3.1 installed (on a CF 4GB),
- USB Blaster cable.

Thanks to all Apollo Team for their awesome work ;)

With Amiga regards, Laurent and Franck
Amedia Computer

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