Acid64 released for Catweasel Mk3 owners

Date 23-Aug-2003 17:34:29
Topic: Software News

ACID 64 player is a Commodore 64 music player for Windows that can play SID tunes on sound cards with a real SID chip, like the HardSID card and the Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper card. It emulates the MOS 6510 micro processor to run the code of a SID tune and controls the SID chip (6581/8580) for playing Commodore 64 music.

So, you can now relive those old 8-bit days, and enjoy the genuine sounds of a real SID chip using the new Acid64 player, which supports the SIDs mounted on your Catweasel MK3 card. Get the player here.

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