OO library v1.0 released for AmigaOS4.x

Date 3-Dec-2017 12:32:14
Topic: software OS4

OO library v1.0 released for AmigaOS4.x (4.1 FE update 1 recommended) by one of the hardest working men in Amiga coding.

OO library brings object class style and easier programming to plain C language and AmigaOS. OO library makes also possible to create GUI's using GUIML (Graphical User Interface Markup Language). OO library contains several classes to use. (Note: C language still don't have features of object oriented programming.)

OO library takes advantage of resource tracking feature of the Exec library to track all of the created objects and free them from memory (automatically) if the software crashes and the user decides to kill the crashed software.

Permission granted to redistribute oo.library in binary form in software packages made for AmigaOS and using the oo.library.

You can find it from os4depot.net.

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