It's finally here, the most eagerly awaited event in the whole universe!

Date 12-Dec-2017 23:32:49
Topic: Events

Amiga North Thames Christmas Retro & Pizza event!

The only time of the year where we throw caution to the wind and bring along our other toys and eat Pizza.

Our Christmas meeting will comprise of Amiga's, Commodore 64's, Maybe a Vic-20 or two and will feature some multiplayer games such as Skidmarks, Stunt Car racer, probably some Sensi golf and any other stuff we can't think of right now!
Plus some great blasts from the great days of 8-Bit Commodore retro, including vintage commodore 64 and Vic-20 games.

Everyone welcome, but please bear in mind that you must bring enough cash for Pizza and If you have a Commodore computer you want to bring along, so much the better!

Location: Enfield, Greater London. UK. Time: 13:00 to 17:00. Details on where to find us at:

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