HGui v1.2 Released

Date 26-Dec-2017 10:15:57
Topic: Software News

Hello and Merry Christmas!

I've released an HGui update (please refer to this news article for more informations), HGui is GUI Tool Kit available for every system supported by Hollywood.


--- RELEASE #003 On GoogleDrive 22/12/2017 ----------------------------------
- Ansi.hws
- Debug.hws
- G2D.hws
- HGui.hws
- Tables.hws
- TextProcessing.hws

FIX : There was missing parameters when the callback 'OnChange' for TreeView
items was called.
NEW : Added flag 'selectGroups' on TreeView class(default to True):
if it is set to false the group items cannot be selected.
FIX : ListView's :set() method. When using the special tag 'selected' to pass
a single item to be selected (a numeric value), there was no check
to see if the ListView was allowing 'multi-selection'. This was
causing multiple selections on 'single-selection' ListViews using this
specific tag.
NEW : ListView -> Added method :Insert() to add a single record, this is
an additional way to add items (see special tag 'insert' of the :set()
method for further details).
NEW : ListView -> Added event 'OnInsert' raised when an item has been added
to the ListView.
DOC : Improved the HGui.Window:InputBoxNew(params) documentation.
NEW : Added new method HGui.Gadget:freeChildren(refresh) to free all children
attached to a gadget. This is usefull when you have to create gadget
groups at runtime.

Have fun! :)

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- Documentation Wiki
- Support Forum
- Patreon Page

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