AmiModRadio v0.9991

Date 7-Jan-2018 23:22:46
Topic: News

Dear all!

I am happy to release a new version v0.9991 of AmiModRadio after these long months of silence!

You can take it from here, [url="]here[/url], or here.

This new release includes bug fixes ([url="]#83[/url] and [url="]#90[/url] that should improve usability: it comes with more preferences to choose the [FONT=Courier New]modules[/FONT] and [FONT=Courier New]cache[/FONT] drawers as well as limit the size of the files to-be-downloaded. Thus, it improves playability (of modules) by avoiding downloading large archives with silly MP3 or MPEG files in them . It also fixes a couple of bugs and includes a full-fledge parsing for FTP LIST lines... Enjoy!

As usual, bug reports are always welcome [url="]here[/url]!


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