Amiga Future is 20 years old

Date 16-Jan-2018 11:25:32
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The Amiga Future Print edition has turned 20 with the number 130.

20 years, a long time. Many did not even trust us for one year. And now the Amiga Future is the longest published Amiga Print magazine worldwide. :)

Of course we want to celebrate this. Not just once in January. We want to celebrate all year long.
Look forward to many webpage updates, promotions and various subscription bonuses. Also we will be present at different fairs. In addition, we want to expand our magazine and webpage team to be prepared for the future. Our big goal for the 20th birthday: increase the readership of the Amiga Future this year by 20%. And we already have the first subscription bonus for you:

1. Amiga Future subscription 2018

The first 20 users who now order a subscription to the Amiga Future in our online shop will receive an Amiga Joker 1/2017 (Amiga Joker are a German print-mag) as a free supplement.
In addition, among all users who have extended their subscription until 31.1.2018, also an Amiga Joker 1/2017 (German print-mag) is raffled. Important! Our shop is not able to show if 20 Amiga Future subscriptions have been sold!

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