Date 27-Jan-2018 17:20:20
Topic: News

We seem to have a problem with news articles being submitted and then getting stripped of all of the text except for the article title.

AndreasM seems to have found the issue and it appears to be the use of certain characters:

"but i found the problem. its are the german ue ae oe...
i change the word to Schuetze and then works
i think the textbox need an update. :)"

Right now I have I have two such articles from Petah ("Work on Tower57 continues, hints at powerful hardware in the Amiga Tabor") and what looks like a spam one from websiteshoppy.

While this issue persists, please type your articles in clear English and save a copy of the text in case you need to resubmit. I'll let people know by PM if they have fallen victim to this bug.

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