Online Tosec checker

Date 3-Feb-2018 13:02:25
Topic: Internet News

With all the disk-imaging going on the past weeks with the Bamiga Sector One collection and others, Steffest ( from ) made a quick online tool to check if an ADF file is already in TOSEC or not.
Yes, of course there's ADF Workshop and ClrMamePro that does all this and heaps more but not everybody wants to install obscure software and install a HUGE pile of .dat files just to check if a disk is already known.

So: A simple tool for a simple task.
You can find it at :

Just drag-drop a bunch of adf files on the disk and it wil tell you if your disks are among the 80.000 ones in TOSEC.
As an added bonus you can click on a disk to browse it, view files in ascii and hex and download files straight from the ADF image. It's like a TOSEC enabled mini ADF Opus in your browser!
Open Source and all.
If you find a bug or have any feature requests: let him know.


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