Hasteroids & GLFX Library for Hollywood

Date 11-Feb-2018 17:23:31
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I'd like to release a status update about one of my work called GLFX.

What is GLFX?
GLFX is a library for Hollywood that make use of the GLGalore plugin which uses OpenGL to speed up graphics, the library is game-oriented meaning that it includes several objects, methods and functions to code your games without worrying about OpenGL complexity.

It features a sprite system, particle systems, animations, collisions, paths, scenes, events and more. It's not yet completed but it's in an advanced state, so advanced that I'm writing a game to demo it : the demo is a simple Asteroid remake called Hasteroids, you can view a demonstration video here :link to YouTube video.
Graphics is not mine, it has been taken from Internet and will be replaced before the public release.

The game will be published for free when completed as well as the source code but if you want to play with the current state of the game and the GLFX library you can support me to have access to the source code of the game, the GLFX library and all what's needed to run it, since it's a source code, you need Hollywood to execute or compile the game or your own programs.
Subscribers can also actively partecipate in the development asking for features to add, and accessing development builds.

GLFX Compatibility?
GLFX is compatible with any system for which the GLGalore plugin has been published (almost all systems), please refer to the Hollywood download page to check if your system is included.

"Thank You!" Thanktro
Recently I've also published a demo I made for Pascal Papara to thank all his backers on Kickstarter campaign about the IndieGO! project.
You can see a video on YouTube, here is the entry on Pouet.net where you can leave a comment and download the Windows version, in the next days I will also publish the executable for the other platforms
This demo features another library I made called DEng, short for Demo Engine, and it does not require any external plugin because it uses only Hollywood native command set, it can be slow on machines with a weak CPU but it is capable of very nice effects with very little efforts.
Source code of the demo and all its dependancies is available for Patrons.

If you like what I do support me on Patreon!

Documentation Wiki & Downloads
Hollywood forums thread
Patreon page for those people interested to support my work and to download the sources

Happy coding!

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