AmiCloud Storagesize updated - and a call for testers

Date 19-Feb-2018 21:11:42
Topic: News

We have increased to storage size to 6050MB (basic account) and 27500MB (pro accounts).

AmiCloud allows to sync with the cloud and all connected computers.
You can also share files publicly via URL's. Other people can download the files when you provide the "share link".
There is no traffic limitation which makes it unique compared to other offerings.

The current AmiCloud client allows to share file only within one folder. It doesn't support sub-folders.

We are working on AmiCloud 2.0 which is in final testing stage.
It supports now sub-folders as you can see in the screenshot.

We are looking for beta testers using OS X (ppc and intel) because this version is causing still a bit "meh"- effect, at least on my mac with Sierra.

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