New Directory Opus 5 Book with many extras!

Date 1-Mar-2018 21:31:48
Topic: software Classic is proud to announce the availability of a new user's manual book (Printed hardcover & eBook). Become a true master of Directory Opus 5 - the best file manager ever created!


The book provides a detailed description of Directory Opus 5 operation & configuration with the focus on its newer versions such as Magellan, Magellan II, and the latest version 5.9. The book also discusses program's capabilities of AmigaOS integration as well as AmigaDOS environment and ARexx scripting language. Click for complete Table of Content.


For hardcore fans there's also a Boxed and Collector's Edition available including software on CD and floppies combined with discount coupon for full version of AmiKit X (the powerful emulation package including pre-configured Directory Opus 5.82).


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