Digital Almanac III v5.4 update available

Date 27-Aug-2003 9:13:32
Topic: Software News

A new update for the astronomy program Digital Almanac III is available for download.

Update: Version 5.5 is now available.

Here is a short list of changes which have been made:

- City list has been rewritten. The list contains all countries of the world with their flags (optional). The format of the list has changed, so the list is now independend from the Locale settings.
The moving of cities was very buggy before. Now it works without any problems.
- Online information of the countries are available from the CIA World Factbook.
- Improved ephemeris of the Saturnian satellites Helene, Telesto and Calypso with the help of the HTC20 theory.
- Online informationen about the planets and satellites of the solar system can now additionally be accessed from the planet filter in the preferences window.
- IFF-ILBM savings are done via Datatypes. This saves about 10 kB code and is more system-friendly.
- BUGFIX: In the calendar, meteor showers were shown at a wrong date.
- BUGFIX: In previous versions, when the program was started from a Shell, the DOS parameters were analyzes wrong. This bug is now fixed.
- BUGFIX: Program could crash when drawing too many Deep-Sky objects (PPC only).

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