ADRipper 1.13 released

Date 23-Mar-2018 12:11:11
Topic: software OS4

More than two years in the making, this update to AmigaOS4's best audio CD extraction tool brings a whole bunch of new features, improvements and fixes. Release notes for this version :

- updated mp3.encoder, flac.encoder and oggvorbis.encoder (linked with the latest libraries)
- added an option to start ripping automatically when you insert a CD (AutoRip)
- added an option to eject the CD when ripping is finished
- CD-ROM discs containing only data are no longer passed off as audio CDs
- the drawer template in Preferences now accepts the slash character so that encoded tracks can be stored in multi-level directories
- reimplemented program window snapshotting (requires AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition)
- when ripping in iconified state, the program icon text will now indicate which track is being encoded
- CDDB query/download no longer opens a waiting requester; instead, the process is indicated graphically in the status bar
- implemented automatic revision bumping in CDDB submissions to minimize server rejection
- fixed the submission of the "extended data" CDDB field (it actually never got exported in previous versions)
- disc metadata is now properly converted to UTF-8 before uploading it to the CDDB database (previously, UTF-8 conversion only worked for CDDB downloads)
- fixed track length calculation bug affecting CDs with a data track (extraction would terminate with a read error resulting from a miscalculated length of the last audio track)
- fixed the behaviour of the Eject/Insert button so that the gadget imagery is always in line with the current function
- if the output path set in the Preferences is invalid, ADRipper will now try to create the directory for you (instead of just showing an error message)
- improved the handling of illegal characters and multiple spaces in track names
- reworked the drive scanning code at program startup to prevent unwanted mounting of the Google Drive and/or the DropBox handler (if installed)
- fixed a bogus "Out of memory" error where an AISS image was in fact missing
- various GUI improvements and fixes
- recompiled against the latest public SDK
- updated documentation and translations

Have fun!

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