Amiga Flame on the Move

Date 31-Aug-2003 15:17:19
Topic: Announcement

Amiga Flame, which has since 1996 provided up-to-date games news and in more recent times covered developments in the creative arena has a new web address.

The Demon account is to fade out of existence to be placed by the new website. Further changes are expected to be implemented such as the expansion and redevelopment of aspects of the website over the course of the next twelve months. Hopefully by the completion of these changes Amiga Flame will become a more active website in which gamers will not only be able to find the latest games news but also play a greater role in making the news and having their say as to which games they like or look forward to.

Please update your bookmarks now.

Philip Cosby
New Amiga Flame Website

BTW news of Emerald Imaging's latest project HyperCannon has been posted.

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