AIBOT game released

Date 18-Jul-2018 16:49:45
Topic: Software News

AIBOT game released

AIBOT is a test game of an educational game idea aimed at teaching coding principles to player.
It was made for Christiandevs Speedgame 2018 competition and received an honorable mention.

You can see a bit about the game from this Apostolic Game Designers video about speedgames (AIBOT starts at 6:20):
Apostolic Game Designers: Christian Speedgame Contest 2018 - 8 New Games!!

at start, AIBOT is available through Indiego Appstore:
Indiego Appstore

I will at later point also upload this to Aminet, but in effort to show support to Indiego Appstore, it is available from there for now.

AIBOT is available to all main Amigas (OS3, OS4, MorphOS, AROS) and also Windows. If there is interest to Mac and Linux versions, I can make them too.
Notice that this was made with Hollywood using power heavy ways for graphics, so you need very powered up machine to have a chance for this to work on OS3.

Go now and download it to your favorite machine from Indiego Appstore!

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