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Date 31-Jul-2018 18:59:45
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

Updater is a powerful tool found in the latest Enhancer Software

The Updater tool runs on Workbench and lets users download system updates as they are released. There are many important files on Updater such as RadeonHD and Warp3D Nova which are not available any where else. There are many useful updates to MultiViewer, TuneNet, X-Dock and other popular utilities, classes, gadgets and drivers.

In recent months there have been regular file updates to download as the Amiga Developer Team develop and beta test updates. To make it easier to track the current system files available from Updater, we have created a new information web page on the AmiSphere server:


To find out more about Updater, please visit the official Wiki pages here

We hope you find Updater useful. A-EON Technology will continue to support it's customers will further ongoing updates in the near future.

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