FREE DOWNLOAD of AmiKit 9 "Reloaded for Mac"

Date 12-Aug-2018 0:15:03
Topic: software Classic

In 2017, we released a special version of AmiKit 8 fine-tuned for Mac computers. This "Reloaded" version, also called AmiKit 9, runs much faster than any previous AmiKit on Mac. Now it is available for free download!

AmiKit 9 "Reloaded for Mac" uses WinUAE emulator running on Wine. This concept, paradoxly, is faster and more stable & compatible than any other solution.

On top of that, it includes "Rabbit Hole" which allows you to launch Mac apps directly from Amiga desktop! Also you can open Amiga files with your favourite Mac apps! For example, double-click "AmiKit:Welcome to AmiKit" to see what I'm talking about.



AmiKit turns your computer into a powerful emulated Amiga desktop with hundreds of pre-installed and pre-configured programs. We've done all the hard work for you.


For any AmiKit version to work you do need AmigaOS3.x and ROM3.1 file. AmiKit 9 for Mac requires macOS 10.10 or better (it might run on 10.8 too but that's not confirmed).


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