Amiga Future Archive 4 (20 year edition) released

Date 28-Aug-2018 18:36:41
Topic: News

The Amiga Future Archive 4 (20 year edition) DVD has now been released

Originally launched at Gamescom in Cologne.

The Amiga Future reached 20 years old this year. Reason enough to publish
our new Amiga Future Archive DVD.

On this DVD you will discover the following issues to enjoy reading as PDFs :

German: Amiga Future Issues 11 - 130
English: Amiga Future Issues 67 - 130

Issues 11 to 26 were digitally scanned. All other editions are very high quality PDFs.

Issue 11, way back in 1998, was the first German Amiga Future issue ever released.
Issue 67, July/August 2007 was the first English edition of the Amiga Future magazine.

So, our complete 20 years German Amiga Future story is available on this single DVD.

It is not possible to update a previous version of the Amiga Future Archive DVD, due to
the media used, which we trust you will fully understand.

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