New v2.9114.523 clients for AmigaOS

Date 14-Sep-2018 18:48:04
Topic: Software News

For those still running the client(s), I figured it was overdue for me to announce that I built new updated v2.9114.523 clients for AmigaOS 3.x and 4.x which are now available at:

As some of you may know, my A1200 system is in a bit of a mess currently due to a faulty motherboard, so I am still unable to update the WarpOS and PowerUp clients, but this time I did manage to rebuild the 68k client in UAE on my AmigaOne. First update to the 68k client for over 7 years!


The main reason for this release is to fix some slightly dubious code in both the 68k and OS4 clients, which was causing problems during recent OS4 beta testing and the introduction of resethandler support (tested on OS4, but should work on 68k too, hardware permitting):

fix: amigaos: thread startup no longer relies on peeking inside non-user fields in internal DOS structures
imp: amigaos: replaced calls to deprecated OS4 routines
new: amigaos: added resethandler, client will quit before reset

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