NOTICE TO ALL USERS: Update Your Account Password

Date 11-Nov-2018 15:16:04
Topic: Announcement


It has recently been reported by a dozen users here that they have received spam emails citing their actual password and names and trying to exhort bitcoin payment from them.

Some of these passwords in the spam email are the same as used here for their AmigaWorld user account login.

Our System Administrator has checked the server and so far found no evidence of a data breach. However, despite the high standards are security for the server, we are continuing to take these reports very seriously and have already put in process some measures to enhance security.

The password database encryption has been updated. When any user logs in next, you will receive a brief message confirming that your password has been updated to the higher level of encryption.

Additionally we will be introducing a new mandatory standard for passwords shortly:

- minimum of one upper case character
- minimum of one number
- minimum of eight characters

It is come to our attention that some users here have not upgraded their password in many years.

We would ask all users to do the following with immediate effect:

* change your password immediately to the new standard above
* select a secure password that is truly unique to - do not reuse password previously/currently used on other websites.

Any questions or reports should be made as per this websites privacy policy.

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