Sketchblock Pro available on AMIStore

Date 11-Nov-2018 21:37:06
Topic: News

Andy Broad has published the latest SketchBlock Pro. It is now available on AMIStore App Store

All previous purchases of Sketchblock Lite qualify for a 33% upgrade discount off Sketchblock Pro.

Digital Sketching For AmigaOS

SketchBlock allows you to create amazing high resolution artwork, in High Dynamic Range Colour, a unique facilty in the Amiga world.

Whilst optimised for freehand painting and sketching, it offers many image processing features, and provides a smooth experience on even low end modern amigas.

The professional edition offers a dramatic feature upgrade in the painting tools, extended image processing options, and powerful memory management for larger images.


* Over 100 High quality brushes
* Smooth painting action
* Full tablet support
* Image processing features such as scale, rotate, convolution, bilataral filtering, alpha masking.
* Improved text tool with perfectly antialiased text
* Extended Memory Support
* Disk Paging Support
* Integrated export and import to many standard image formats.


* OS 4.1 Final Edition
* ProAction for Rexx based tool GUIs (available from

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