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Date 25-Dec-2018 12:16:09
Topic: Announcement

Dear Editors,

I am Peter and I am the founder of the (not know publicly yet) Aged Code Studio and I have the pleasure to send you our press release. We'll be delighted if you publish it as is:

"After more than three years of intense development, the time has finally come for Aged Code Studio to announce an upcoming game for our extraordinary Amiga computers. It is a great pleasure to have reached this milestone in the project. We hope to give in your hands soon one of the unexpected genre game. More information will be provided later but meantime we invite you all to watch the trailer..."

Link to the trailer (you to judge how to embed it into news):

"Game developer: Aged Code Studio
Music composer: Roald Strauss / Dewfall Productions
Video producer: Dariusz Rogalski / Pixel Nation"

Thank you in advance and please stay positive!

Aged Code team

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