GL4ESxmas for AOS4 coming ! First games using GL4ES !

Date 25-Dec-2018 12:15:47
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There is first games released which builded with usage of GL4ES wrapper which mean to give us OpenGL1.x , 2.x and some of 3.x over ogles2.library and warp3dnova.

For make those games works you need as necessary minimum ogles2.library v1.22 , and warp3dnova.library v1.58. Those requerements are 100% necessary. If you will have anything lower, you will fail, have bugs, crushes and errors. So before making any bugreport later, be sure that you have those versions at minimum.

Of course it is understandable that you also should have modern gfx card, with latest radeonHD drivers.


Everything is compiled via gcc 8.2.0 and latest SDL2. Games released there have good use of modern gcc features like c++11, threading (on our side it is native threading now, not poxis based, thanks to Sebastian) and co.

At this time there is 3 titles, all of them can be downloaded from os4depot. At moment they all in upload query. All the videos and screenshots below takeng from my x5k/aos4fe.


That one is modern remake of R-Type.

Game not very demanding on GPU, and can be ported even over MiniGL with some small changes. Anyone who want to made a port for minigl, or for morphos, can go there for full source code:

All amigaos4 and endian changes are there, so it will be easy.

There is youtube video done on my x5000/amigaos4, full HD 1920x1080:

If you want to change fullscreen/window, resolution, etc, you manually change the file .prototype/engine.cfg By default i set fullscreen mode.

Barony: Blessed Addition...

That one are fresh commercical game last release of which happens in 2018, and sources of which was open lately.

Dont' be fooled by "simple" look of it, game is real full-blown of this kind, and many ppls play in it today. Its not some opensource unfinished game, but real big one.

Sadly, that while game itself use OpenGL, it still didn't rely much on GPU, but mostly on CPU. Original requerements for that game is MINIMUM Intel i3 3.0 ghz. So don't expect miracles, and it will be playable only on x1000 or x5000 (there i got 30-40 fps with full details and 1920x1080). You may try it on SAMs with lowering all the settings, but probabaly you still will fail and FPS will be low.

The game come _without_ data files, so you need to got the full game for linux , or for windows (but then for windows version you will have neesd to use windows to extract .exe). And you need exactly data files from Blessed Addition, not Cursed Edition.

If you will run game without data files, all you will have is black window and nothing else.

Once you got data files, and run it, it will take some time to generate model's cache. On x5k it takes ~2 minute for to generate models at first run. Next runs game will use generated cache file and starting will be fast.

By default game runs in window mode 1280x720. You may change resolutions and between window/fullscreen in the settings of game.

There is youtube video done on my x5000/amigaos4, full HD 1920x1080:

Full source code with all big-endian and amigaos4 changes are there:

Fricking shark...

It is kind of modern remake of Flying Shark.

Game need big resolution, so even 1024x768 can be very minimum and maybe even not enough. 1920x1080 full screen, or something like 1280x1024 in window mode are ok.

That one was the hardest to port as :

1). there by default everything was based on usage of .so with all those dlsym,dlopen,dlclose,dlerror, etc. Changing it all on static usage was reall big work for ptitSeb.
2). there was hard big-endian changes
3). game use real shaders, a lot of gl functions (so good test for gl4es and ogles2/warp3dnova, because of which we found some bugs in warp3dnova, some of which fixed, some of which not at moment).

As said the game can use real shaders , but in our current port they disabled, as firstly need to fix bug in warp3dnova's shaders compiler, and then we can enable them and made update.

Because of no use of real shaders, we use in game only gl4es internal shaders (which compiles not at begining of level, but when gl states changes), what visually mean, that when you first time run a game and start play in you will have some little weird pauses. It will happens only at begining , then all will be fine. So before starting to play normally, you just can run first level, play a mininute "collect" all those pauses in memory, and then exit from level and start it again.

Those pauses at begining will be disappear in 2 cases:

1). When warpd3dnova's shader compiler will be fixed to make those real shaders works (they calculates at begining of level). There alrady BZ about, and Hans aware, so it matter of time.
2). When gl4es will have "precompiled shaders" ability, which will mean, that any software can generate one time internal gl4es shaders, and lately just use them from disk. That in ptitSeb's TODO, but when he will be there, no one can say.

But as there is xmas time, we think that better to release it as it, and later made an update, than holding it for dunno how long.

If you need to change between window/fullscreen and resolutions, you can edit file Resources/Scripts/GameGUI.cfg. By default i set fullscreen mode.

So, there again youtube video done on my aos4/x5k, full HD 1920x1080:

Full source code with all big-endian and amigaos4 changes are there:

Final notes...

All hard code workd like adding big-endian support, dealing with amigaos4 related problems, etc done by author of gl4es : ptitseb. I play there little role, with very simply fixes, bugreports, testings, and being around to be sure amigaos4 builds of gl4es supported and works. That inderectly also lead to fixes in ogles2 and warp3dnova fixes (last one still have issues need to be deal with, before other stuff can be released), but without help of ptitSeb who don't have any amiga hardware, and by any reassons do help so much, no gl4es wrapper, not ports of those games if anyone will find them necessary, will not happen. So if any of you think all of this worth of it, can make donation to him to keep his motivation up with all this. You can do it by pressing on donation button for example there:

Just be sure to add notes like "amigaos4 support", so he will know from what it from :)

In others , merry gl4esxmas !

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