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Date 15-Feb-2019 9:10:47
Topic: software Classic

From now on the support page of RESHOOT R can be accessed at

RESHOOT R is the successor of Reshoot and is a horizontal scrolling shoot'em'up for the Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 or CD32.

The game is expected to be available at APC&TCP in Q2 2019 as ...

... Digital Download
... Pure Edition
... Signature Edition (Includes Audio Soundtrack CD & Pure Edition CD & Making Of Booklet).

Already in the first quarter of 2019, the Audio Soundtrack CD will be available from RESHOOT R at APC&TCP and at Amiga retailers.

If you are interested in offering RESHOOT R Audio Soundtrack CD to your customers, please contact APC&TCP via email.

About APC & TCP

APC & TCP is one of the largest publishers for the computer system Amiga.
Just in 2019, APC & TCP will publish over a dozen products for the Amiga.
APC&TCP has been active as an Amiga publisher for over 25 years and always looks for good and interesting Amiga products for release.
Should anyone be interested in selling his product via APC&TCP ... just write an email.

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