SketchBlock Pro V3.2 Available From AMIStore

Date 20-Feb-2019 16:12:32
Topic: software OS4

I pleased to be able to let you know that I released a free update to SketchBlock Professional, which now available to download from AmiStore App Store and Updater.

Free to existing owners of SketchBlock Pro, and available at a discount to those of you who have bought SketchBlock Lite in the past. new customers are welcome to jump right in!

This new release includes the following:

* Paint tool extended to add pressure sensitive stamp intervals allowing yet greater flexibilty in brush stroke design. Works well with progressive mode

* Extensions to the path editor. Individual polygons can now be moved, copied and scaled.

* Snapshot windows now saves the weight bar values, enabling the tools and brushes areas to be set as desired

* Added controls to vary paint stroke opacity from the key board whilst painting Z decrease X increase

* Additional ARexx commands

* Misc bug fixes

More information on SB Pro can be found here:

Thanks for the various feedback bug reports and support.

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