Looking for CD32 games for indieGO / CD32 combo re-release

Date 29-Mar-2019 15:00:04
Topic: Announcement


we would like to support the remaining or interested programmers.
We are looking for new and or old CD32 games, in order to release them as indieGO / AmigaCD32 release.

The rules are:
You own the rights of or create a CD32 game based on your own existing Amiga Game (this version must feature additional content as like CD-AUDIO or FMV-Into or new levels*)
If you did already a CD32 game, you can contact as as well for releasing it as indieGO/CD32 game.

If you plan to work on a game but lack funding we may support you. So please just ask us ; )
We don't bite.

www.indiego.shop (or retro.shopping or ares-shop.eu)

*we can help you with the requirements.

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